Zadar Ventures Ltd. is a junior Uranium exploration company focused on acquiring and exploring for economically viable mineral resources in the prolific Uranium producing Athabasca Basin as well as Alberta.


Patterson Lake NE Bullrun Blocks A,B,C,D & E.

BullRun Uranium Project
The BullRun uranium project, located in the prolific southwestern Athabasca Basin, comprises 3 claim groups totaling 9,185 hectares.

All three properties are favourably located geologically; along major faults or fault zones, with intersecting smaller scale faults; and within a few kilometres up to a few tens of kilometres from known uranium zones.


Upper Poulton Lake Project

Whiskey Gap Project Zadar Ventures Ltd
Zadar has an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Upper Poulton Lake project (2,730 hectares) which lies ~21km SE of the Cigar Mine. Adjoining property holders include Denison Mines Corp. and Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. Geology at Upper Poulton Lake is dominated by the NE-trending Bird Lake Reverse Fault.


Whiskey Gap Uranium Project

Whiskey Gap Project Zadar Ventures Ltd
The Whiskey Gap Property consists of 2 metallic mineral permits, each containing approximately an area of 36 square miles of favorable fluvial sandstone.
The Whiskey Gap property is underlain by a series of permeable fluvial sandstones of Cretaceous age similar to sandstones in Wyoming that host significant roll front Uranium deposits. Preliminary sampling of water sources defines several very strong radon and uranium anomalies, which compare favorably with studies conducted near sandstone hosted Uranium ore bodies in South Texas and Wyoming. These water samples indicate that Uranium is present.
Extensive exploration and drilling has been completed on the Whisky Gap uranium project in Southern Alberta. Situated along the Alberta Montana border, the easily accessible Whiskey Gap Property contains an approximate area of 36 square miles (44,400 acres) of sandstone which has the geological profile known to host sandstone style Uranium deposits.